Serenity offers a range of essential Beauty Treatments as well as those all important luxurious treats to pamper yourself or a loved one

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  • Acrylic Nail Extensions

    Sculptured nails or tip application using acrylic liquid and powder to give length and strength to your nails.

    If you've got a wedding, party or any special occasion to got to and you know (this time) your natural nails are just not good enough, or maybe you just need a broken nail 'fixing' to match the rest of your nails? Well Acrylic nails extensions are the answer to all your problems!

    You can opt for either clear nails, which can be varnished in your own choice of Jessica colour, or have French or glitter tips applied using white acrylic or a big choice of coloured glitter acrylic sculpted by your nail technician giving great effects.

  • Advanced Cosmetic Procedures - Advanced Electrolysis

    This treatment is used to treat Thread veins, Skin Tags, Moles, warts, Blood spots, etc.

    This treatment is a highly advanced form of Electrolysis, using the current to lessen the appearance of many unsightly and irritating skin concerns. Originally invented in the early 1800's to treat ingrowing eyelashes, this treatment is extremely safe and is perfectly suitable to use around the eye area where many skin disorders appear.

    • Consultation - £20.00 - redeemed against treatment
    • 5 Minutes - £40.00
    • 10 Minutes - £50.00
    • 15 Minutes - £60.00
  • Aromatherapy

    Using personally blended oils to relax, uplift or ground the body and mind.

    Essential oils can have a wide range of effects on the body and mind. Some aromas have a calming effect, whereas others can have energising effects.At Serenity we blend the oils to match your requirements and use them in your massage. Help to ease away the stresses and tensions of life cocooned in the glorious aromas and heated couches.

    Why not upgrade your massage to an "Aromatherapy Experience"? 2 hours of bliss as you receive a Full Body massage and a Guinot Aromatic facial to really indulge your body and mind.

    Also, check out our "Massage" section for more indulging body treatments!

    Available in our Swalecliffe/Whitstable, Canterbury and Faversham Salons.

  • Bespoke Combination Facials

    Combine Crystal Clear, CACI, Guinot and Thalgo for ultimate anti-ageing facials.

    Combining the Crystal Clear Oxygen, Microdermabrasion and Microlift, CACI, Guinot and Thalgo together can give you outstanding results and is a real favourite for our clients. Smoothing, plumping and lifting the skin and muscles to remove fine lines, soften wrinkles, tone and lift the muscles and give volume to face lost through ageing.

    The ultimate in bespoke facial care at Serenity - tailored to you!

  • Body Conditioning and Slimming

  • Skin Polishing - £31.00
    A Full body salt and sugar scrub to invigorate and exfoliate your skin, followed by gentle moisturising.
  • Frigi Thalgo Wrap - £55.00
  • CACI Body Toning and Slimming

    Non surgical body contouring using the CACI system.

    The Quantum treatments comprise of slimming, body contouring, anti-cellulite, detoxifying lymphatic drainage, muscle toning and breast enhancement, all giving dramatic results.

    The CACI Quantum is not limited to the body area, it also features facial programs which make it possible to treat face and body at the same time.

    A course of treatments is recommended, two to three times a week with follow up maintenance treatments.

  • CACI Non-sugical Face Lifting

    Non surgical face lifting using the CACI system. This treatment gently tightens and tones the facial muscles while smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    At Serenity we offer 2 CACI machines, the Quantum and the Synergy.

    The CACI Synergy offers: new S.P.E.D™ microcurrent LED technology, orbital dermabrasion, ultrasonic peeling and CACI’s unique Wrinkle Comb (a non-invasive alternative to dermal fillers).
    With so many treatment options available, salons can now offer a complete range of anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation solutions using just one advanced treatment system.

    The CACI Quantum is not limited to the facial area, it also features body contour programs which make it possible to treat face and body at the same time.

    A course of treatments is recommended two to three times a week followed by a maintenance treatment every three to four weeks to maintain your new look! There are several different types of CACI facials, including the Jowl Lift treatment and the Hydratone mask.

  • CACI Synergy

    The CACI Synergy machine is the brand new non-surgical facial treatment machine from the industry leading experts in electro therapy - CACI International.

    The CACI Synergy combines their signature non-surgical facial toning using microcurrent with *S.P.E.D technology, crystal free Microdermabrasion, Ultrasonic peeling, Wrinkle Comb and Light Emitting Diode - Light Therapy. The synergy of these technologies provides more visible and longer lasting results. *S.P.E.D - Simultaneous Photo Electrical Delivery - A much faster delivery to the muscle giving stronger and better results.

  • Crystal Clear COMCIT

    COMCIT is the very latest in a rich history of award winning and industry revered Skincare Treatment Machines from Crystal Clear. Following two years in development, COMCIT continues our tradition of delivering cutting edge, futuristic treatment solutions that actually work.

    COMCIT goes far beyond conventional anti-ageing treatments. This is the first time all of these skin rejuvenation modalities - Cryo Oxygen, Micro-channeling Skin Infusion – have been included in one treatment exclusively by Crystal Clear and the results are incredible.

    Four simultaneous treatment modalities are included in a revolutionary new delivery system:-
    Cryo Oxygen - to cool and oxygenate the skin.

  • Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion

    Share the celebrities' favourite skin care secret...

    Ever wondered how those famous faces stay looking so young? Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion literally takes years off you by gently exfoliating the outer layers of the skin.
    Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion treats a vast array of skin concerns, on both the face and body, using a safe and controlled method of skin resurfacing.
    The treatment provides immediate visible results for ageing skin, lines & wrinkles, open pores, blackheads, pigmentation, blemish scars, acne scars, stretch marks and much, much more. You'll see the difference even after just one treatment. This treatment is available in both our Whitstable (Swalecliffe) and Canterbury salons.
    Check out the video below to watch 'the science bit'.