Mceutic -Marine MesoLift

So…. What is Cosmoceutical?!?
= a mix between Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical…. This means the you have maximum power of active ingredients and treatment we can give to a client before Dermatologist referral! I think we would all love to be able to offer our clients that next step in skincare.

What does MCeutic mean?

M = Mesotherapy.
Mesotherapy is the infusion via needles!! Don’t worry… we are not using needles! However this is the key that makes MCeutic different to many other Cosmoceutical brands.
We are using a patented technology which enables us to get maximum infusion like needles without the needles! Scientifically proven to be dispersing over a minimum over 48 hours! Although traces were still found up to 30 days later!!
Ceutic = Cosmoceutical (cosmetics & pharmaceutical)

What makes MCeutic Special?
· Patented infusion, mimicking Mesotherapy
· Patented Pure Marine Mesolift (containing 2 B Vitamins, 14 nutrients, 18 amino acids, Hyaluronic Acid & a nucleoside)
· Patented Neo Skin ( 2 algae’s & Buchu leaf extract. For regulation)
· 3 grades of peel from 8% to 22.5% (salicylic acid, Ascorbic Acid = 100% active Vitamin C & Malic acid from Apples) With low PH levels!
· 28 clinical assessments with 320 volunteers
MCeutic has been developed for all ages. A results driven brand with additional skin feeding and drainage giving our treatment the extra edge.

How will cosmoceutical work for your salon?

Clients want more from you now than ever before. They are happy to spend the money when they have a concern but you need to be able to give them the results quickly! That’s where MCeutic comes in!
Do you have clients concerned with:
· Uneven skin tone
· Uneven skin texture
· Irregular micro relief
· Scarring or post acne scars
· Pigmentation
· Enlarged pores
· Excess oil
· Localised recurring or occasional blemishes
· Thickened skin
Then MCeutic is perfect! I think there is something here that affects most clients as well.

Clinically proven results:
· 9% boost in cell metabolism, 72 hours later
· 373% increase in collagen products, 48 hours later
· 121% increase in elastin production, 72 hours later
· 94% agreed skin was smoother & more toned after 1 treatment
From the 3rd Treatment:
· 100% of users were convinced
· 100% stated marks were reduced
· 100% stated skin quality was significantly improved
· 100% stated skin tone was more refined
· 100% stated a clearer more radiant complexion

Single treatment - £65.00
Course of 4 - £240.00
Course of 8 - £480.00

Available in our Swalecliffe/Whitstable, Canterbury and Faversham Salons.