Mceutic -Marine MesoLift

So…. What is Cosmoceutical?!?
= a mix between Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical…. This means the you have maximum power of active ingredients and treatment we can give to a client before Dermatologist referral! I think we would all love to be able to offer our clients that next step in skincare.

What does MCeutic mean?

M = Mesotherapy.
Mesotherapy is the infusion via needles!! Don’t worry… we are not using needles! However this is the key that makes MCeutic different to many other Cosmoceutical brands.
We are using a patented technology which enables us to get maximum infusion like needles without the needles! Scientifically proven to be dispersing over a minimum over 48 hours! Although traces were still found up to 30 days later!!
Ceutic = Cosmoceutical (cosmetics & pharmaceutical)

What makes MCeutic Special?
· Patented infusion, mimicking Mesotherapy
· Patented Pure Marine Mesolift (containing 2 B Vitamins, 14 nutrients, 18 amino acids, Hyaluronic Acid & a nucleoside)
· Patented Neo Skin ( 2 algae’s & Buchu leaf extract. For regulation)
· 3 grades of peel from 8% to 22.5% (salicylic acid, Ascorbic Acid = 100% active Vitamin C & Malic acid from Apples) With low PH levels!
· 28 clinical assessments with 320 volunteers
MCeutic has been developed for all ages. A results driven brand with additional skin feeding and drainage giving our treatment the extra edge.

Do you have concerns with:
· Uneven skin tone
· Uneven skin texture
· Irregular micro relief
· Scarring or post acne scars
· Pigmentation
· Enlarged pores
· Excess oil
· Localised recurring or occasional blemishes
· Thickened skin
Then MCeutic is perfect!

Clinically proven results:
· 9% boost in cell metabolism, 72 hours later
· 373% increase in collagen products, 48 hours later
· 121% increase in elastin production, 72 hours later
· 94% agreed skin was smoother & more toned after 1 treatment
From the 3rd Treatment:
· 100% of users were convinced
· 100% stated marks were reduced
· 100% stated skin quality was significantly improved
· 100% stated skin tone was more refined
· 100% stated a clearer more radiant complexion

Single treatment - £65.00
Course of 4 - £240.00
Course of 8 - £480.00

Available in our Swalecliffe/Whitstable, Canterbury and Faversham Salons.