Crystal Clear COMCIT

COMCIT is the very latest in a rich history of award winning and industry revered Skincare Treatment Machines from Crystal Clear. Following two years in development, COMCIT continues our tradition of delivering cutting edge, futuristic treatment solutions that actually work.

COMCIT goes far beyond conventional anti-ageing treatments. This is the first time all of these skin rejuvenation modalities - Cryo Oxygen, Micro-channeling Skin Infusion – have been included in one treatment exclusively by Crystal Clear and the results are incredible.

Four simultaneous treatment modalities are included in a revolutionary new delivery system:-
Cryo Oxygen - to cool and oxygenate the skin.
Microchannelling Roller - to induce controlled micro-trauma and stimulate collagen growth, creating pathways for product penetration.
Product Infusion - to push active anti-ageing ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin.
Puncture Jet Oxygen - to soothe and restructure the skin.

“The results are outstanding.” 

COMCIT is: Cryo Oxygen Microchannelling Collagen Induction Therapy. It offers the simultaneous delivery of Cryo Oxygen whilst our unique Microchannelling Roller creates thousands of microscopic channels in the dermal epidermal junction. This allows the topical infusion of powerful skin rejuvenation ingredients to be driven into the skin alongside cold oxygen. This is the most effective skin rejuvenation system yet as we are effectively getting down to the layers where skin health begins. These are the layers we need to reach to promote new collagen growth.

COMCIT employs a revolutionary Cryo Probe that discharges cold oxygen through an internal peltier system and delivers onto the skin without any feeling of discomfort. The cold oxygen rapidly cools the skin and stimulates the micro-circulation, positively increasing blood supply and thus providing nutrients necessary for the stimulation of fibro-blasts for collagen production. The Microchannelling Roller offers multiple single-use head sizes, variable depending on individual treatment concerns. It is moved over the surface of the skin to create microscopic pinpricks. These pinpricks create columns within the epidermal dermal junction where collagen and elastin fibres are located.

The COMCIT Cellular Infusion Solution penetrates into the columns and these minute punctures close almost immediately as the skin heals. The micro-induced trauma created to the dermis encourages the body to produce new collagen. As a result the skin becomes thicker, plumper and more youthful.

CELL TO CELL TALKING – With COMCIT Cellular Infusion Solution

COMCIT delivers our intuitive Cellular Infusion Solution to the skin. This unique formula contains a complex host of active ingredients to promote skin regeneration. The skin’s regenerative capacity relies on adult stem cells. While considerable research has been done on epidermal stem cells, dermal stem cells were identified only in 2009. The dermis is the middle layer of the skin and gives it tensile strength and elasticity, therefore it is also the site where wrinkles originate. PhytoCellTec Argan Stem Cell extract (Argania Spinosa Callus Culture) is the very first active ingredient capable of both protecting and vitalising human dermal stem cells. This proactive extract will not only help to accelerate the skin’s natural repair process but also fights skin ageing right at the root. Argan Stem Cells, from the Argan tree - one of the oldest tree species in the world, are capable of vitalising and protecting dermal stem cells. They reduce the appearance of wrinkles, tighten and tone skin tissue, increase skin firmness and density and offer deep-seated rejuvenation of the skin.

Clinical studies performed on healthy volunteers showed that PhytoCellTec Argan:
Effectively stimulates the regeneration of dermal connective tissue, thereby increasing skin density.
Helps the skin to regain its firmness.
Significantly reduces wrinkle depth in the crows feet area.

Low Molecular Weight hyaluronic Acid is present in every tissue of the body. The retention of water is one of the most important biological functions of hyaluronic acid. The benefit of Low Molecular Weight hyaluronic Acid applied topically is its ability to penetrate deep into the skin, due to its small size. This allows it to offer advanced anti-ageing effects through the stimulation of epidermal growth factors and protection of cells. Low Molecular Weight hyaluronic Acid results in:
Stimulation of collagen synthesis.
Reduced oxidation damage and inflammation (including from UV exposure).
Superior skin structure and cellular condition.
Vitamin C

Everybody knows Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. It is also one of the best known skin brightening agents and is proven to: • help prevent photo-ageing. • Stimulate collagen synthesis.

To complete the COMCIT treatment, a separate handset utilising Puncture Jet Technology allows oxygen, along with selected anti-ageing and restructuring ingredients, to be driven into the skin. It provides the lower layers of the skin with much needed nutrients to soothe, repair and restructure from the inside out.

“A healthy and radiant skin is a breathing skin, where oxygen exchange between the cells functions perfectly. All living cells in the epidermis require and consume oxygen.”

Beautiful, rejuvenated skin with COMCIT

COMCIT offers revolutionary new skin rejuvenation technology to treat:-
Ageing lax skin
Lines and wrinkles
Sun damaged skin
Acne prone skin (particularly effective due to the anti-bacterial effects of both the oxygen and infusion)
Stretch marks
Acne scarring
Pigmentation marks
Body treatments, tops of arms, thighs, stomach

Treatment Products:-

The professional treatment products that accompany COMCIT include:
Cell to Cell Talking - Cellular hydration Mask
Cell to Cell Talking - Cellular Moisturiser

Our treatment products contain an intuitive ingredient called DermCom. Based on Crocus Chrysanthus bulb extract, it stimulates revolutionary ‘Cell to Cell Communication’. This fascinating active ingredient revolves around glycans that act like signal beacons and are found in the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin. In young skin they are switched on and signals are sent from glycans in the epidermis to glycans in the dermis, instructing it to synthesise collagen. As we age the glycans slow and some switch off. But research has shown that these dormant glycans, in older skin, can effectively be switched back on. COMCIT results in the communication between epidermis and the dermis being restored. This leads to older dermis cells sending signals to produce collagen.

COMCIT The Benefits:-
Stimulates collagen production at a cellular level
Delivers deep penetration of our active COMCIT Cellular Infusion Solution into the skin layers, thereby plumping and smoothing lines and wrinkles
The most advanced method of replacing lost moisture to the skin
Provides oxygen to all levels of the skin
Ensures more hydrated skin
Reverses the damage caused by free radicals
Allows the entire face and neck to be treated in a single session, with particular attention paid to the client’s individual areas of concern

Allows the client to return to a normal lifestyle immediately, with no down time or interruption to their daily routine.

Treatment Course:-
You can see a difference after the very first treatment. For a total rejuvenated skin, a course of 6 treatments is recommended (at fortnightly intervals).

Single treatment £90.00
Course of 6 COMCIT £510.00

Available in our Swalecliffe/Whitstable Salon only