Jessica Nail Treatments

We use Jessica's products in our Swalecliffe, Faversham and Canterbury salons because we feel they offer the best natural nail treatment range for our clients.

Jessica offer natural nail remedies such as manicures, pedicures, anti ageing hand treatments plus basics such as a shape and polish. The staff here at Serenity have been trained in the prescription and application of all Jessica products and are glad to advise you on the best treatment for your nails.

A Luxury manicure or pedicure is a luxurious treatment, lasting over an hour, including heated mittens or booties, whereas a Le Remedi Hand treatment is more like an anti ageing facial for the hands, including exfoliation and masks.


Q: Prescription?
A: Just a technical way of saying our staff will suggest what's best for your nails. No doctors note needed!

Q: How long will the polish take to dry?
A: Allow two to three hours in total, and we recommend a twenty minute wait in the salon before leaving.

Before you arrive...

No preparation required, just turn up and enjoy your treatment.

  • Shape and Polish (fingers or toes) - £16.00
  • Prescriptive Manicure (No polish) - £24.00
  • Prescriptive Manicure - £30.00
  • Luxury Manicure - £36.00
  • Super Luxury Manicure - £46.00
  • Le Remedi Hand Treatment - £22.00
  • Prescriptive Pedicure (No polish) - £27.00
  • Prescriptive Pedicure - £33.00
  • Luxury Pedicure - £40.00