CACI Non-sugical Face Lifting

Non surgical face lifting using the CACI system. This treatment gently tightens and tones the facial muscles while smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

At Serenity we offer 2 CACI machines, the Quantum and the Synergy.

The CACI Synergy offers: new S.P.E.D™ microcurrent LED technology, orbital dermabrasion, ultrasonic peeling and CACI’s unique Wrinkle Comb (a non-invasive alternative to dermal fillers).
With so many treatment options available, salons can now offer a complete range of anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation solutions using just one advanced treatment system.

The CACI Quantum is not limited to the facial area, it also features body contour programs which make it possible to treat face and body at the same time.

A course of treatments is recommended two to three times a week followed by a maintenance treatment every three to four weeks to maintain your new look! There are several different types of CACI facials, including the Jowl Lift treatment and the Hydratone mask.


Q: How often do I come in on a course of treatments?
A: For best results we advise 2 to 3 visits a week, with at least a 24 hr break between each treatment.

Q: When will I see the benefit after having the treatment?
A: You will notice visible improvement immediately.

Q: Will I feel anything?
A: This is an extremely relaxing treatment and most people don't feel anything, although some clients do experience a slight tingly sensation around the eye area and a mild metallic taste in the mouth if you have a lot of fillings. This is quite normal and due to these areas being more sensitive.

With all our CACI facial treatments we include 'Electro buds' which instantly firm facial contours. Developed for use with CACI Quantum micro-current systems, the serum contains active hexapepides, proven to measurably plump surface lines and help smooth away visible signs of ageing. It helps reduce the depth of wrinkles caused by facial expressions, especially on the forehead and around the eyes and lips.

You can also upgrade your Caci treatment to a CACI Hydratone or Deluxe CACI Hydratone. These include the Hydratone gel mask which contains collagen, vitamins C and E and Hyaluronic acid. All these ingredients help to deeply hydrate your skin cells and give a plumping youthfulness to your skin. The added benefits with the Deluxe CACI Hydratone are that you also receive exfoliation at the beginning of your facial and a face and neck massage after your mask to help ease away the stress and tension of life. The latest addition to the CACI family is the "Jowl Lift". As the name suggests it works predominantly on the jaw line area using a specially designed quad tipped probe to improve the appearance of sagging jowls - extremely popular!

  • Single CACI - £54.00
  • Course of Ten CACI - £468.00
  • Hydratone Mask - £22.00
  • Single CACI Hydratone - £60.00
  • Deluxe CACI Hydratone - £70.00
  • Jowl Lift - £22.00
  • CACI face including Jowl Lift - £60.00
  • CACI Hydratone including Jowl Lift - £70.00
  • CACI Eye Revive - £38.00
  • CACI Face including Eye Revive - £65.00
  • CACI Face including Eye Revive and Jowl Lift - £78.00
  • Available in both our Swalecliffe/Whitstable and Faversham Salons.